to our new feeding concept, created to enhance the way that we live, with tasty, healthy and novelty products able to offer new experiences, flavors, aromas, turning in the best choice to enjoy at any moment.  BE HEALTHYLICIOUS is our premise!

Healthylicious Flavors for you!

For Wise Moments... CBD Infused Coffee


Our very last lauching!, with amazing match between Colombian coffee and food grade CBD extract from Colorado, we created this tasty, smooth and enriched blend to bring a new coffee experience, Discover it!

An Irish Pleasure... Whisky Cream Infused Coffee


From the Master blenders lands... coming this tasty and provocative recipe, to enjoy our moments with a woody flavor, showing a new perspective of this unique taste. 

The Perfect Match... Mocha Infused Coffee


One of the most tasty and ancient blends, the name is derived from the city of Mocha Yemen which was one of the centers of early coffee trade.

A Sweet Touch... Vanilla Infused Coffee


Vanilla original from Mexico, was one of the main ingredients of Azteca's food tradition, today the second most expensive specie after saffron.

About Us

colombia's coffee region, valle del cocora, talent,quindio

Our Origins

Green Self borns from Colombian mountains, as a new concept of feeding, creating different products to balance our lifes, with healthy and indulgence experiences, lifting ourselves to live with no limits, under our own signature actions.

coffee mountain, Colombia coffee farm

Our Horizon

Our eco-logical encouragement drives us to set up a unique concept to enhance our lives in this modern, fast and stressful reality; through special blends with supreme ingredients like, Hemp, Chocolate, Coffee, to develop new products able to support us in the day by day, reaching more than we expect, with a better performance... Feeling Better is Living Better!!

green self coffee line, infused coffee, cbd infused coffee, whisky cream infused coffee


We design new experiences about feeding , through developing novelty products base on super food discoveries like; CBD, Quinoa, Chia between others, that giving the healthy and delicious choice; double benefit; supporting and estimulating a better way of life, based on our new feeding concept: Healthylicious Food.